About Us.

Founded by Luis and Tricia Reyes in 1997, Sidewalk Sunday School is a solution to the ills facing children in the Chicagoland area. As a native of Waukegan, IL and one who experienced academic struggles that stemmed from poverty, family dysfunction and lack of educational support, Luis Reyes understands first-hand how educational crisis lies at the core of reaching children and changing communities.

For over 17 years, the Reyes have led Sidewalk Sunday School in a prevention driven approach to navigate children beyond the boundaries of their circumstances through solutions designed to address spiritual, educational, practical and nutritional needs. The Sidewalk Sunday School approach Is successful because it is personal, consistent, and intense. It has impacted the lives of well over a quarter of a million children and teens.

Our Vision.
We envision a community where all children have the opportunity to achieve their potential and fully realize the unique gifts they have to offer.

Our Mission.
We reach at-risk children and youth and equip them for a better future by building their spiritual, emotional and intellectual strength so they will successfully fulfill their unique purpose in life.

Our Core Ideology.
We take a holistic approach towards reaching children, giving hope and changing lives. In order for a child to succeed, we influence them through several diffferent touch points spiritually, educationally, physically, mentally and emotionally. We believe that if you show love and care to a child in all 5 of these different areas, that child will become motivated to move towards success, knowing they have a strong support base that will not let them fail.